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PR for the People began on November 23, 2007, which will sound better the next time you visit.

This blog is primarily dedicated to the world of PR, with emphasis on social media, ethics, and other hot topics.

My education includes a Bachelor’s Degree with Honours from York University, majoring in both Communications and English, and I am currently pursuing a post-grad certificate in Public Relations from Ryerson. I’m new to Public Relations, but what I lack in experience I make up for in passion,  so I decided to start this blog to become an active participant in the community rather than just watch from the sidelines.

Since my graduation from York U, I’ve been working for a Big 4 accounting firm, unfortunately in a non-PR role. Like I said, I’m new here. If I’m lucky, this blog will chronicle a long career in PR from the very beginning. Thanks for reading!


The opinions expressed are entirely that of the author, at the moment they were posted.

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